1- Type II Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0-Supervision BACB CEU)
Mari Ueda-Tao and Hui Ling Loh

Abstract: In this one hour live broadcasted webinar discussion, Applied Behavior Consultants, will briefly review the history of their dissemination of Behavior Analysis internationally. We will discuss barriers and challenges with the implementation of Behavior Analysis, while remaining culturally sensitive and effective. The discussion will include funding barriers, as well as analyzing and monitoring progress distantly.

Objectives: Identify barriers and challenges with the implementation of Behavior Analysis in order to functionally analyze the needs of the individuals and families we provide services to internationally. Discuss cultural differences between implementers and targeted objectives that are functionally appropriate for the individuals receiving services as it relates to funding (public and private). Analyze and monitoring progress for effectiveness, where distance (internationally) is a potential barrier.

When in Rome? The International Dissemination of Behavior Analysis