1- Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0- Supervision BACB CEU)

PRESENTER- Rachel S. Potter

ABSTRACT- The principles of learning and behavior apply to all organisms. In this session, we will explore how the principles of operant conditioning apply to one particular model for service dog training. This session will also review how behavior analytic principles were used to teach new handlers the skills needed for their role, and how experienced handlers were assessed for skills maintenance.


  1. Session attendees will identify the core principles of operant conditioning that are used in service dog training (with particular attention given to shaping and schedules of reinforcement).
  2. Session attendees will understand how behavior analytic strategies can be used to teach service dog handlers (initial instruction and skills maintenance).
  3. Session attendees will use visual inspection of data to draw conclusions regarding canine and handler skill development.

Service Dog Training

  • https://forms.gle/d2VL5xWcfiv2WPeW9

  • https://youtu.be/W8yvaCavMR0