1- Type II Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0-Supervision BACB CEU)

Presenters: Christy Evanko

Abstract: Applied behavior analysis is a new profession. Those of us practicing now are actually on the ground floor of this very exciting venture! Because we are still few in number it is important that every one of us does what we can to disseminate information about our science and profession. Join Christy Evanko as she talks about the lessons she has learned promoting behavior analysis in Virginia, both with legislators and state policymakers. Then go out and make it happen in your state/country!

Objectives: Participants will learn why it is important for behavior analysts to engage in public policy. Participants will learn ways they can get involved in public policy. Participates will benefit from lessons learned in Virginia policy efforts.

Public Policy Tips for Behavior Analysts