1- Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0- Supervision BACB CEU)


ABSTRACT- Behavior analysts and police share many similar challenges in the areas of skill acquisition, maintenance and generalization, treatment integrity, decision-making, problem-solving, employment screening, attrition (i.e., burn-out), organizational leadership, and culture. I will discuss our applied research with police academies across the U.S. and provide examples of how behavioral science can be utilized to improve outcomes and develop collaborative relationships with police departments. I will also address common misconceptions about police training and identify some of the limitations of behavior analytic methods and procedures in the context of police academy training. Behavior analysis has a lot to offer law enforcement but we must adapt our approach in order to facilitate effective communication. Respect, trust, and shared values will be stressed as integral aspects of any successful collaborative effort.


1. Attendees will learn how to adapt behavioral science within the context of police academy training.

2. Attendees will learn how behavioral science is influencing state-level police training curriculum.

Police and Behavior Analysis

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  • https://youtu.be/lPrhw_SC0do