1- Type II Learning BACB CEU (0- Ethics BACB CEU & 0-Supervision BACB CEU)

Presenter: John O'Neill

Abstract: Behavior analysis provides a pragmatic scientific approach that is amenable to the resource restrictions that police academies experience. This presentation will summarize the findings of three large single-case design studies at regional police academies across the United States of America. We will also examine the findings of a functional behavior assessment of the unintentional discharge of firearms and discuss a behavioral conceptualization of the phenomenon. Finally, we will explore the potential of behavior analysis to greatly improve the design and delivery of police training in the future.

Objectives: Participants will learn how behavior analysis has been utilized in three large regional police academies. Participants will learn how functional behavior assessment was utilized for firearms safety in law enforcement. Participants will learn how behavior analysis can impact academies in the future.

Police Academy Training and Firearms Safety