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Police and Behavior Analysis: Q&A Session

1.0 Learning BACB CE (0.0 Ethics/Supervision BACB CE)


Presenter - John O'Neill, PH.D., BCBA-D, LABA


Abstract - Behavior analysts and police share many similar challenges in the areas of skill acquisition, maintenance and generalization, treatment integrity, decision-making, problem-solving, employment screening, attrition (i.e., burn-out), organizational leadership, and culture. I will discuss our applied research with police academies across the U.S. and provide examples of how behavioral science can be utilized to improve outcomes and develop collaborative relationships with police departments. I will also address common misconceptions about police training and identify some of the limitations of behavior analytic methods and procedures in the context of police academy training. Behavior analysis has a lot to offer law enforcement but we must adapt our approach in order to facilitate effective communication. Respect, trust, and shared values will be stressed as integral aspects of any successful collaborative effort.



  1. Attendees will learn how to adapt behavioral science within the context of police academy training.

  2. Attendees will learn how behavioral science is influencing state-level police training curriculum.

Mission Statement:

To disseminate the science of human behavior to the public at large, through the use of easy to understand explanations.  Our goal is to promote behavior analysis in a positive and accurate light, to help society realize the potential of our science. 

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Meet the DBA Board:

Chair: Dr. John O'Neill
Dr. John O'Neill is the Founder of the Contextual Behavioral Science Institute. He is a doctoral level Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D); has published various works including book chapters, peer-reviewed research, and professional magazine articles; participated in local, regional, national, and international conferences; and presented his police academy training research alongside the President of the United States of America.
Vice Chair: Dr. Maggie Pavone
Maggie Pavone: Dr. Pavone, BCBA, LBA is an assistant professor and the program chair for the MA and EDS in Behavior Analysis degrees at Lindenwood University. Her current research interests include dissemination of the pragmatic science of human behavior, open educational resources in ABA, performance management/diagnostics, and behavior analytic approaches to changing eating and exercise behaviors.
Treasurer: Lesley Shawler
Lesley Shawler, Ph.D., BCBA has worked in the field of applied behavior analysis for over 13 years with children and adults with developmental disabilities. She recently graduated with her Ph.D in applied behavior analysis from Endicott College under the supervision of Dr. Caio Miguel and Dr. Michael Dorsey. She is currently completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the Kennedy Krieger Institute / Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where she works with families and children with severe b
Events: Gloria Yang
Meet our Events Chair, Gloria Yang: Gloria is currently a Clinical Director at an organization that provides services for developmental disabilities. She graduated from UC San Diego with a B.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience and a minor in Psychology and completed her Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She currently lives in the SF Bay Area where she pursues her passion in the dissemination of compassionate, ethical, and quality clinical care.
Secretary: Salena Schilling
Salena Schilling, MA BCBA, has been in the field since 2010, primarily in clinical work with adults diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her interests and research are always expanding. She has had a variety of leadership positions outside of the field and is excited to bring her passion to the arena she enjoys so much.
Social Media: Williams Espericueta Luna
Williams Espericueta Luna is currently a graduate student within the Master of Science in Behavior Analysis program at the University of North Texas. One of his favorite behavior analytic activities is teaching others about behavior analysis, it’s principles, and how behavior analysis can help make the world a better place. Mr. Espericueta Luna is excited to bring the same level of enthusiasm to the Dissemination of Behavior Analysis Special Interest Group.
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